Friend can't see my profile on Facebook


Department: Free Tech Support

Date: 03.05.2012 19:55:10

Super User:

Hi Micaela,

This sounds like a problem, or glitch with Facebook. Things like this happen frequently and Facebook is known for its random quirks. On my own account, I sometimes make posts that others can't see, things disappear then reappear and other strange anomalies.

How long has this been happening? It's likely it will sort itself out in time.

If it's been happening for a while, I have a few suggestions:

* Make sure your friend isn't on your restricted friends list. Hover your mouse over their name then click on the friends button and see what, if any list they are on. Try adding them to your Family or Close Friends list.

* Have your friend check what list you're on and their own settings.

* Contact Facebook about the problem.

If none of this works, please provide us with more information on the problem and what you've tried and we'll do our best to help.


On my facebook all of my other friends can see my profile except for one. How do I make it so she can see it? i've tried account settings, privacy settings, and blocking settings! Nothing works, please help me! All she can see is my wall activity and she IS my friend. Thanks
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