How to change Facebook username


Department: Free Tech Support

Date: 01.08.2012 23:09:17


You can only change your username once so if you have changed it before the following steps will not work.
1.Go to account settings under the Arrow on the top right corner of Facebook.
2.Then Where it says Username with your facebook page URL click edit.
3.Change it to your pleasing
If this doesn't work please reply as we really wish to solve your problem

Faustino Salazar:

Hello, i was wondering if ya'll do facebook support. Well if ya'll do I was asking if ya'll can do me a small favor in which I will appreciate very much. I was wondering if ya'll can change my Facebook timeline URL to the default URL that Facebook originally gave me when I signed up. Because right now the facebook URL I have is a huge mistake I made; the url is So I was wondering if you can just put the default timeline URL I originally had. I would appreciate it very much if ya'll would do this for free because I had contacted other tech support and they have charged me upwards of 50 dollars and I just said no because I don't think I should be paying so much for a little mistake that can be easily fixed. Well, Thanks
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