Can't change Facebook username


Department: Free Tech Support

Date: 02.08.2012 18:26:28


Thanks for the respond,
Sadly part of Facebook Policy is that you can only change it once. These companies offering money from you to do it are most likely trying to scam you, so be cautious. The only thing you can do now is contact facebook and ask for the URL to get changed. Besides that we cannot help you. We are greatly sorry and hope that facebook fixes it for you.

Faustino Salazar:

Hello, I tried to change it and unfortunately it didn't let me change the URL a second time when I followed the instructions. I Just want to put my custom URL or just my default URL that facebook gave me because I really don't like the URL I have now. I made a terrible mistake making the URL 13sfaustino and I just want to change it to my full name or with what is available to my name. I really hope ya'll have the ability to change the URL, because I would really appreciate it, because I have called other facebook tech supports and they have charged me at least 50 dollars for the fix, and I believe I shouldn't be paying so much money for a URL fix. Well hopefully this URL change doesnt cause much trouble and I hope ya'll can change it a second time. Thanks.
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