How do I recover my lost or hacked Facebook account?


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Brittani bean:

my facebook account has been hacked and i cant seem to recover it, they keep sending me an identity confirmation code but the number on my profile is an old number! can you guys help me out!?!


If your Facebook account has been hacked or you've lost access to your account for one reason or another, there are several options to recover your account.

The first step is to visit to begin the recovery process.

You can then use your mobile/cell phone and/or email address to begin recovering your account. If you no longer have access to your phone number, uncheck the box beside SMS before clicking the Reset Password button.

If you no longer have access to your phone number or email address, or if a hacker has changed these details, there are still other options:

1. On the recovery page, click "No longer have access to these" below your email address and phone number. You can then provide a new email address for Facebook to contact you. After entering that information, you will be asked to answer your security question(s) and pending the successful answer, you will have access to your account after a 24 hour waiting period, which is a Facebook security measure.

2. If all else fails, there is one final option to recover your account with the help of your friends. If you are unable to answer the question correctly in the above step, you can select some of your trusted Facebook friends to help get your account back. They will each be sent a unique access code, which you will have to obtain from them. After collecting all the codes, you can follow the instructions to enter them on Facebook which will allow you to reset your password.

3. If your account has been hacked and is being used to send out spam and scam messages, you can report it to Facebook as compromised who will look into the matter and help you retrieve your account. Report your account here: - Once you have identified your account, you will be asked to enter a current or previous password, which is useful if a hacker has changed your password. After this process, you may have your account back right away if Facebook does not need to review it.

For more information on the whole process, see the help section on Facebook's website:
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