What is the best graphics card to use with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000?

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I want to buy a graphic card but i'm worried about bottleneck issue because my cpu is old. My pc specs are : amd athlon 64x2 5000+ dual core @2.60ghz , ram 4gb , 500w psu , i use to play games at 1024x768res. monitor (1280x1024max.)
I was considering to buy GTX 550 ti but i'm not sure that is it a good idea because cpu may hold back 550 ti in modern games. So help me finding a good card for my cpu.


Hi, thanks for your ticket.

Unfortunately due to the age of your CPU, you're going to have trouble running the latest games.

Even if you get the best possible graphics card, your processor will struggle to run intensive games. Also, when you reach a certain point,
any extra gains in performance from your graphics card will, like you said, be bottlenecked by your CPU.

You could certainly try a GTX 550 TI as that card is quite affordable now and will give you the best chance, since I'm assuming a new PC isn't
in your budget at the moment. Or you could try an ATI 5750, which is reasonably powerful and affordable. Just make sure your motherboard has
a compatible PCI-E slot. If your motherboard has the older style AGP slot, the best you could do is an ATI 4670.

Hope that's helpful. Happy gaming!

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