Apple App Store just shows a blank white screen


Department: Free Tech Support


I recently got ios6 and a couple or days ago my appstore stopped working, by that i mean when i search for something it just leaves it at a blank page, as in plain white ..
i tried: 1) resetting it (home button and power button)
2) resetting it the other way


Thanks for submitting a ticket,
It must be a glitch with the new app store.You are not the only one who this has happened to, this has also happened to some of us here at TechSupportFree there is nothing you can do but just wait it out for a patch, instead of using the app store on your iDevice you will just have to get them off iTunes on the computer and wait for the new update.


Sorry but I was wrong,
one of the workers at TechSupportFree informed be it was an error with the apple web servers and should be resolved soon. Though we all can agree the new IOS 6 update is quite buggy.
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