How to Apply


To outline the admission philosophy, admission criteria, and admission policy of the ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education program at Banner Health.


Banner Health ACPE program shall not discriminate against any individual for reasons of race, gender, age, faith group, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical disability. Equal access to educational opportunities is extended to all qualified persons. All members of the faculty and consultation groups are expected to cooperate in making this policy valid in fact.

This policy notwithstanding, all students accepted into the program shall be able, with reasonable accommodation, to physically perform the duties as contained in the position description for Chaplain Intern, Chaplain Resident or Certified Educator Candidate.

  • Consideration for admission to the Part-time Extended Units of Level I CPE and to the Full-time Summer Level I Unit will be given to students who hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution, and are connected with a faith community. Every applicant must give evidence that his/her emotional and spiritual maturity allows them to work effectively with a variety of people. Admission to successive Part-time Extended Units of Level II CPE requires the successful completion of Level I CPE as documented by the CPE educator's evaluation.
  • Consideration for admission to the Full Time CPE Residency programs requires the successful completion of a previous Level I ACPE unit of CPE, M.Div., or equivalent, completed or in progress, ordination or commission to function in ministry completed or in progress.
  • Consideration for Certified Educator Candidate CPE requires successful completion of four units of CPE, successful completion of M.Div., or equivalent, ordination or equivalent, and support for ministry from a recognized religious or spiritual body.

At all levels, the CPE student needs to sustain sufficient physical and emotional health to deliver spiritual care. The student must demonstrate the capacity to consistently establish and maintain relationships at significant levels and be open to learning, change, and growth. The CPE student must demonstrate a capacity to endure at least moderate amounts of chaos, which is a normal part of institutional culture.

Application Procedure

Formal admissions criteria and process vary to level and duration of the program. Such admissions requirements and procedures shall be in compliance with the ACPE Policies.

All applications will be made on standard ACPE application forms and contain responses to the questions of that form. Application can be faxed or emailed but copy of the face sheet must be mailed.

Please refer to the mailing address of the center to which you are applying.

All applicants must have an Admissions Interview facilitated by a minimum of one ACPE Certified Educator and may also include other qualified interviewers.  An application fee of $50.00 is required before the interview.  The application fee does not guarantee an interview or admission to the program.  If admission is granted, the application fee will be applied towards tuition.

Applicants will be notified within one month of the completion of the application process of the center's decision. An applicant will be considered "enrolled" upon receipt of a signed letter of acceptance and payment of a $50.00 deposit toward their tuition.

All application materials will be considered confidential and kept in a locked file in the Spiritual Care office. Copies provided to Professional Advisory Committee members must be returned and will be destroyed. Materials of applicants who are not accepted will be destroyed. The application materials of those who are enrolled will be filed in their active folder.

Procedure for accepting students:

  • Completed applications will be reviewed by an ACPE Certified Educator  in charge of the unit.
  • Applicants for all CPE programs will appear in person for a screening interview. The interview will be conducted by members of the CPE staff and may include up to two members of the Professional Advisory Committee for CPE.
  • Students from another State, province, country or territory may be interviewed by a conference call or video conferencing in place of a face-to-face interview.