Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program

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Welcome to Clinical Pastoral Education at Banner Health.

Our programs are accredited by ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education.

According to ACPE guidelines, one unit of CPE credit requires a 400- hour commitment:

  • 100 hours of group education
  • A minimum of 300 hours practical/clinical experience ministering to others in the hospital setting.

For 40 years, Banner Health's CPE program has trained seminary students, clergy, lay people and community professionals to listen and support the spiritual needs of people in their care. We offer training in a culturally diverse community with unique opportunities for interfaith exposure.

Banner's nonprofit mission demonstrates that we recognize the importance of spiritual healing. In today's world of high-tech medicine, we know that including the spiritual aspect in the healing process takes purposeful effort, and this is the mission of the chaplains who make up the system's Departments of Spiritual Care.

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In holistic care, both body, mind, and spirit are taken care of. Chaplains help address the emotional and spiritual suffering. They offer a listening ear, a spiritual presence. In respect of the great variety of spiritual and religious beliefs, as well as of cultural expressions, they provide a safe and competent environment to explore the various emotional and spiritual crises that patients and families may experience in the course of a hospitalization.

Simply put, CPE helps form and equip competent spiritual healers, and Banner Health supports a growing ACPE program because it knows that healing involves more than medical cures, and that emotional and spiritual well-being facilitates the healing process.

At Banner Health we offer several learning options for professional and non-professional religious and spiritual leaders to take CPE. Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is accredited by the ACPE to offer Level 1, Level 2 and Certified Educator CPE.

ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care and Education

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