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Software can be expensive, depending on what you need to do. Image editing, audio recording, file management, anti-virus; all of these tasks require specialized programs that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, there is a surprising amount of quality free software that is often every bit as good as the paid alternatives. Here are some of the top free programs that everyone should have on their computer.

Do you want to opt for a Photoshop alternative for editing images and giving them a professional touch? The biggest drawback of using Photoshop is that you can use it only on the machine it is installed. This is not the case with online photo editing tools. You can use them anywhere, anytime and on any machine as per your convenience. The main reason why they are the best alternatives is because you can get pictures easily without doing much at all. You can select as many pictures as you want from online sources. Plus, you can share your work with lots of people. Given below are some really good online alternatives to Photoshop for editing images.

Thursday, 04 October 2012 05:56

What’s new in IOS 6

The new IOS 6 update was released on the 21/09/2012 as well as the new Apple products the IPhone 5 and IPod Touch 5. This update includes many new integrations and features, as well as improvements to the old features. Many of these features includes many improvements to the default web browser Safari, now you can see tabs open on all devices connected to the Icloud and also you can now take websites full screens in a tap and save full pages now instead of just links for offline use. IOS 6 has also added Facebook integration, now you can share links, map locations, high scores from gamecentre and store your Facebook friends into your contact list and automatically put their birthdays into your calendar.

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