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What’s new in IOS 6

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The new IOS 6 update was released on the 21/09/2012 as well as the new Apple products the IPhone 5 and IPod Touch 5. This update includes many new integrations and features, as well as improvements to the old features. Many of these features includes many improvements to the default web browser Safari, now you can see tabs open on all devices connected to the Icloud and also you can now take websites full screens in a tap and save full pages now instead of just links for offline use. IOS 6 has also added Facebook integration, now you can share links, map locations, high scores from gamecentre and store your Facebook friends into your contact list and automatically put their birthdays into your calendar.


The inbuilt maps app is also improved. It was redesigned and now has detailed maps, amazing 3D viewing and voice gps. As in the previous model the Iphone 4S the new update IOS 6 includes Siri, sadly this is only for the New 5 models and the 4S itself which I found disappointing. You can now share photos from your IDevice straight to your friends and to a web album. You can also share them better through the Icloud and using Apple TV. There is a new app called passbook which looks extremely similar to the android app ‘Google Wallet.’ With passbook you can use your IDevice as movie tickets, flight tickets, coupons etc. and just scan and go with them.

Something people have been requesting for a while now is the ability to use Facetime over a 3G network which is a new feature of the update. The phone usage has also been changed, now if you are busy you can set a custom message to automatically reply to the caller or you can choose to completely ignore all calls and notifications, there is also the option for it to remind you about them when you choose such as in an hour, at work, at home etc. As well as the browser the Mail app has been revamped, it makes it much easier to share photos and videos through your email. Another improvement I found nice was the new panoramic mode, with one sweeping motion you can capture up to 240 degrees, sadly as well as siri this isn’t available to all IDevices. Lastly there are some other small improvements such as better Accessibility for people with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities to get the most from their iOS devices. Find my IPhone updates, a new thing called Find My Friends where you can check your friends locations and the remodelled iTunes store and some new features for China.

I think this update included many interesting features, though the best features were exclusive to the newer models which let me down a bit but besides that they added many features that I’m sure I will enjoy.

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