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Tips to Upload iPhone Photos to Facebook

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If you wish to upload one or two photos from your iPhone to Facebook, then you need to use the Facebook App to accomplish this task. But in case of multiple photos, using your personal computer to upload photos from your iPhone to Facebook will be best for you.


Steps to Load a Single Photo from Your iPhone to Facebook

If you wish to load a single photo, the first thing you need to do is to download the Facebook App to your iPhone. Facebook App has some nice features that allow you to load your pictures without much hassle.

1. Go into News Feed on the main menu.

2. You will see a camera icon in the top left of your news feed page. Tap on the camera icon.

3. You will be given two options. One option will be to take a picture to add to Facebook. The other option will be to choose a picture of your choice from your iPhone library. You can choose whichever option suits you.

4. In case you decide to take a new photo, choose the option ‘Take Photo’.

5. This will open the camera feature on your iPhone and your picture will be taken. In a few seconds, your photo will be displayed on your iPhone screen. You will be given the choice to either use the photo or retake the photo. If you tap ‘Use the Photo’, you will be asked to ‘Write a Caption’ or ‘Upload the Picture’.

6. After you have written the caption, you will be directed to the original screen. Now you can load another picture if you want.

7. If you wish to choose a picture from your iPhone library, tap ‘Choose from Library’. You will be directed to the place where you have stored all your photographs.

8. Select the photo you wish to add to your Facebook. Again, you will be given two options. Choose either ‘Write a Caption’ or ‘Upload the Picture’. After completing the task, you will be able to see your selected photo on Facebook.

If you want to upload multiple photos from your iPhone, then you need to use your personal computer to make your work easy.

Steps to Load Multiple Photos from Your Computer

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Move selected photos to the desired folder before loading.

2. Log in to your Facebook account. Click the ‘Photos’ tab.

3. Select the ‘Upload Pictures’ tab.

4. Give a name to your photo album.

5. After the completion of this step, you will be directed to a screen where you will be given the method of uploading your file.

6. Search and find the folder where you stored your photos.

7. Select the photos that you are interested in adding to your Facebook. After completing this step, you will be able to see all your photos on Facebook.

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