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Top Tips For Marketing Your Website Online

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Website marketing can be such a stressful task especially if you are new to this. You have to think of different marketing strategies to lure clients to visit your website and from this, you earn. It's a good thing there are tips for website marketing that you can use to be able to have an effective marketing strategy online.


  • Avoid using site-wide links – this can lead to penalization of SERPs. You can use one site-wide for every 40-50 unique links from 40-50 unique domains. 
  • Always try to use H tags – use this at the top-most location in your website page. Never do this in visual order. 
  • Be original! – When writing content for your website, always make sure that everything is original. Be innovative. 
  • Always have a paper and pen around – note down every idea that you have. Most of the time, that light bulb moment can be gone if you don’t write it because during the day, there is a big chance that you will forget about it. So write your ideas on a piece of paper once it pops in your head. It might be a great idea that will really help your website. 
  • Suggest related websites – this will help bring traffic in your website and that’s something that you really want. 
  • Build other websites that involves your primary niche – this can boost brand awareness and traffic to your primary website. 
  • Optimize advertisements – work with your advertisements, don’t just post it on your website. Edit the layout, position, colors and even content around them. 
  • Using affiliate programs – this will help convert traffic. 
  • Build an affiliate system – this is perfect and you can build an affiliate for the items that you are offering the market today. Hire people to do the PR and sales for you. 
  • Market your RSS feed!
  • Always pay attention to the statistics of your website.
  • Monitor server stats, referrers and logs. 
  • Track your visitors or better yet, survey them!
  • Always research your target market. 
  • Always be up to date with your competitors.

These are some of the tips that can help you with your website marketing. It’ll be better if you have this printed and posted in front of your desk so you can always remember what you have to do. These tips will definitely help you create more effective marketing strategies to make your website be very popular and to increase the traffic to your website. There are more marketing tips out there that you can keep in mind, just research, research, and research!


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