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6 Myths and Facts: What Men Need to Know About HPV
Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) gets a lot of attention in women. That’s because HPV can cause cervical cancer—that’s the cancer doctors...
Aug 25
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Is Secondhand Smoke Increasing Your Risk of Lung Cancer?
Do you have a close friend or family member who smokes? If the answer is yes, then you may be exposed to secondhand smoke. If you are near someone smoking,...
Jul 29
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Your Cancer Treatment Could Cause Painful Hand-Foot Syndrome
People with cancer often need chemotherapy. It’s an essential treatment in the fight against the disease. But some chemotherapy drugs may also cause a...
Jul 27
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Here’s the Best Way to Spot Signs of Skin Cancer
Keeping a close eye on your skin and moles is the most important step toward finding skin cancer early, when it’s most treatable. “You are your own first...
Jun 30 3
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What Is the Difference Between a Cyst and a Tumor
It’s natural to get some lumps here and there from time to time, such as a pimple or an injury from a bump or fall. Our bodies are wonderfully lumpy and...
Jun 27
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What Is a Pap Test? Here are 6 Things to Know
Few women are thrilled about a Papanicolaou test, more commonly known as a Pap smear or Pap test. The paper gown, the cold stirrups and the strange tools...
Jun 05
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Benefits of Quitting Smoking (Hint: It Can Start Within Minutes)
Quitting is hard—especially if you’re trying to kick a smoking habit. Maybe you’ve raised children, juggled a difficult job or tackled life-changing events....
May 26
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Here’s Why Sunburns Are So Dangerous and How You Can Protect Yourself
When you’re enjoying the outdoors, it can be easy to forget to protect your skin. According to the National Cancer Institute, almost 30% of adults don’t...
May 23
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Here’s the Surprising Truth Behind These 13 Myths About Melanoma
It’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. That’s because sun exposure can cause skin cancer, including melanoma—the most dangerous...
May 02
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Why You Should Never Ignore That Mouth Sore That Won’t Go Away
Cancer that develops inside your mouth, called oral cancer, will likely strike about 54,000 people in the U.S. this year, according to the American Cancer...
Apr 21