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How You Can Help a Loved One Who’s Struggling with Aphasia
We’ve all heard the phrase “lost for words”. And from time to time we all have problems finding the right words to express ourselves. However, for people...
Jul 20
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How to Relieve Ear Pressure When Your Ears Are Plugged Up
If you’ve ever flown on a plane, driven through the mountains or been sick with a head cold, chances are you’ve dealt with the uncomfortable plugged-up...
Jul 15
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Pain in Your Mouth When You Eat? It Could Be a Salivary Stone
You have probably heard of kidney stones, but salivary stones might be less familiar. While kidney stones form in your kidneys, salivary stones develop...
May 07
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How Those Grimy Earbuds Could Be Making You Sick
You probably know that if you listen to music too loudly or for too long with earbuds, you could permanently damage your hearing. But that’s not the only...
Mar 18
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What Is Dry Mouth and What Can You Do About It
Whether you’re nervous, anxious or simply dehydrated, everyone gets dry mouth from time to time. But, if your mouth continually feels like the Sahara Desert,...
Feb 18
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Why Is My Nose Burning?
When someone says their “ears are burning,” that usually means someone nearby is talking about them. But what does it mean when your nose is burning? That...
Jan 28
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How to Manage Your Mucositis During Cancer Treatment
If you’ve gotten chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, or radiation therapy for cancer in your head, neck or mouth, there’s a good chance you’ve also...
Jan 05
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What Your Tongue Says About Your Health
Sticking out your tongue at someone can have many meanings, from being silly to a sign of disgust. But sticking out your tongue can also give you important...
Dec 01
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The Best Ways to Communicate with Someone Who Doesn’t Hear Well
Just about all of us struggle to hear in some situations. The loud chatter in restaurants, the roar of traffic on a nearby highway or the hum of your dishwasher...
Nov 22
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How to Choose the Best Medication to Treat Your Cold or Flu
You feel the telltale cold or flu symptoms coming on—maybe it’s a cough, runny nose, sneezing and stuffy head. You will want to choose the best medication...
Nov 19