Center for Healthy Aging

The Center for Healthy Aging and the Longevity study-Learning from our Elders, the first longevity study in Arizona to explore the multiple factors contributing to healthy aging to enhance the quality of life for older adults. The Longevity Study:Learning from our Elders, a non-invasive observational study which began in 2006.  

There are over 1300 participants with over 600 active participants, more than half over the age of 80. As more people live to advanced old age it is critical to gain a greater understanding of their health status and functional abilities during their life in relation to aging and cognition as a whole. Knowledge gained from this study will have a great impact on our understanding of the continual aging spectrum.  

How to get involved

  • We enroll seniors, 50 years and older, especially those of diverse cultures and those 80 and older as this is the least researched and fasted growing segment of the population.
  • Participants enrolled in the study will answer questions about general demographics, family history, medical, psychosocial, physical activity and memory.  Participants will complete a questionnaire and be personally interviewed.  The commitment to participate is approximately one hour, once per year.
  • Participants of the study will contribute to research that can benefit the current aging population as well as future generations.

If you are interested in becoming a participant in the study or obtaining more information about our research, please call (623) 832-7662.