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Leadership matters. That phrase, coined by a generous donor and longtime member of the Banner Health Board of Directors, is at the heart of Banner and our nonprofit mission of making health care easier, so life can be better. We recognize the invaluable impact of strong leaders who are engaged, enthusiastic and unequivocally involved in delivering on our brand promise of medical excellence by creating a culturally rich workforce and workplace. This includes leaders at our many facilities and executive leaders at the helm of the organization.

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Employer of the future

More than a pledge, we’re truly invested in enhancing a culture and strengthening a company where people grow, stay and make a difference. As an employer, we know you always have a choice. More than that, we also know transformations are a must to uphold to our employer promise and keep Banner ahead of the times. Employer of the Future is our continuous and evolving journey and pledge comprised of purposeful, authentic changes to the way we work and how we work with one another.

Our offerings, with more innovations in the works:

  • Flexible Work Locations and Scheduling - We’re shifting from rules about when, where and how we work to working in places, at times and in ways that support you.
  • Renovated Corporate Offices - Exchanging traditional conference rooms for workspaces designed to encourage creativity, originality and an exchange of ideas.
  • Dress For Your Day - Dress for Your Day gets rid of the old rules about business attire and lets us dress in ways that makes sense and allows us to share our unique selves.
  • Recognition and Appreciation - Through MVP Card, MVP+ Award or Banner Strong Events, we are always seeking out ways to show our appreciation for each other.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - We offer Team Member Resource Groups, honor holidays, celebrate cultures and provide training to all team members so we can continue learning about and celebrating all walks of life.
  • Onboarding, Growth & Next Move - Our offerings consist of leadership programs, on-demand learning, performance management and tailored activities to help you discover your strengths, sharpen your skills or prepare for your next move.
  • Leadership in Motion - Our Leadership Model serves as a guiding pillar for the shared values and behaviors of all Banner leaders.
  • MyWell-Being - Available to all team members, the MyWell-Being Program empowers each of us to be our best selves by enhancing our lives through each of our pillars: MyGrowth, MyPurpose, MyCommunity, MyHealth and MyWealth.
  • Listening and Responding - We listen through a variety of annual surveys; VOICE, Patient Safety (SOPS), NDNQI and Maslow Burnout (MBI), along with corresponding action planning.

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