Clinical Pastoral Education at NCMC

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North Colorado Medical Center (NCMC) has been training future chaplains since 1997. We contract with Centered-Life out of Colorado Springs to conduct our Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). Centered Life is affiliated with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE), which is the national body which accredits the education students receive. ACPE is recognized by the Department of Education as a graduate level training program. Currently, Rev. Frances McWilliams, ACPE Supervisor, from Centered-Life conducts our CPE.

Students who enter our program complete 400 hours of training per unit of CPE. A person must have four units of CPE and a Master’s Degree in the Theological Field to be eventually certified as a Board Certified Chaplain (BCC).

There are advantages to our program:

  • We have flexible scheduling, which allows students to complete those 400 hours around their work/family/personal schedule.
  • We have a lot of personal patient contact.
  • We conduct two units of CPE per year. One unit is an “Extended” unit, which begins each September and continues until the first week of June the following year. The second unit of CPE, an “Intensive” unit, runs from the second week of June until the 3 week of August each year. That is a 10-11 week program in the summer, ideal for seminary students looking for a place to do CPE between semesters in seminary.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 CPE is offered at our site.

Chaplain Interns learn how to be present with patients, as well as how to be an advocate, a comfort, or offer a prayer when appropriate. You have opportunity to develop your skills, but CPE also provides places for you to better understand yourself and how to use all of who you are as you minister to patients.

NCMC is a Level II Trauma center. We have a regional Burn Center, and have won numerous national awards for the care given. If you want to join our team as a student, please contact us at: (970) 810-2289 or (970) 810-2034. You may also email Rev. Dr. Mark Weiler, Senior Manager of Spiritual Care, NCMC.