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Is It Time to Get a Bidet or to Stick to Toilet Paper?
Remember when toilet paper was in short supply in 2020? Besides having major concerns about a worldwide pandemic, you were also scouring store shelves...
Sep 02
Could My Herniated Disc Lead to Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)?
In your teens, back pain was nothing more than a myth. In your 20s and 30s, your back only hurt after a day of heavy yard work. By the time you hit your...
May 27
11 Tips to Help Older Adults Maintain a Healthy Bladder
Bladder health is a topic most people know little about. Unfortunately, many wait until symptoms begin to appear before taking action. We spoke with David...
Apr 29
Should You Be Worried About Your Infant’s Undescended Testicle?
Bringing home a newborn can feel like running before you learn to walk. Sure, they aren’t running yet, but even before they’ve taken their first steps,...
Apr 28
Why Is There Blood in My Urine?
It’s rarely good news whenever blood makes an appearance. So, when you spot blood in your urine, it can be easy to feel panic creeping in. Although the...
Aug 29
¿Tienes que ir de nuevo? ¿Por qué estoy orinando con mayor frecuencia que de costumbre?
La micción frecuente o poliuria podría no representar una gran preocupación sino hasta que estás en un viaje en carretera o dentro de un cine viendo una...
Jul 18
What You Should Know If Your Kidneys Need Dialysis
Your kidneys are critical to your health. They are responsible for cleaning toxins from your blood and regulating how much salt and water you expel. If...
May 21
Can My Partner and I Get Pregnant? Reversing a Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation
When you had your vasectomy or tubal ligation, you may have thought your family was complete or that you never wanted children. But then life happened....
Mar 16
Retención Urinaria: 5 Razones por las que Podrías Tener Dificultades para Hacer Pipí
¿Sabías que pasamos alrededor de 2,207 horas (en inglés) en el baño durante toda nuestra vida? ¡Eso es mucho tiempo! Y podrías estar invirtiendo aún más...
Jan 27
Eligiendo los Productos y Tratamientos Correctos para Superar la Incontinencia
¿Qué tenías pensado para tu jubilación? ¿Viajar? ¿Relajarte? ¿Deportes nuevos o hobbies? La incontinencia se puede interponer con todo eso. Y para los...
Jan 09