How to install chrome OS in laptop

How to install chrome OS in laptop

How to install Chrome OS into any PC your laptop that you have lying around and installation process gonna be pretty simple it's even simpler than playing a game.

How to install chrome OS in laptop

Chrome OS itself is very simple elegant operating system but addition of latest Android and you can even use Play Store, well that's a bonus guys this really unlockssome interesting possibilities that you can do with your custom builds and allthese kinds of stuff and besides all that this Chrome OS stays updated withthe latest Android and Chrome OS version that's currently available.

Well guysthat exceeded way beyond my expectations so without a further a do let's get rightinto the process. ok guys so first of all we need to download some files so thatwe can install this Chrome OS.

Now links to download these files are given in thedescription below so you can check it out, so first we are going to download"Linux Cinnamon".

We are going to choose 64-bit version so let's go ahead anddownload so next will require Rufus tool this tool can create USB bootable draftsso you can install your Chrome OS onto your PC additionally we will requiresome USB storage device like memory card or USB flash drive ok so next we willrequire the test brunch release well the brunch release provides stable frameworkfor your Chrome OS right now they have two options either you can go with thestable build or you can go for the beta testing right now I'm going to downloadstable version so let's click on the stable version and click on to thetar.gz file to download it so besides all these files we need arecovery image to install Chrome OS so the last link given in the descriptionbelow is for the rammus recovery well the speciality of Brahmas recovery itworks on any Intel CPU as long as you have Intel CPU you are good to go sohere is the website now on to the page you have to search for rammus are a MMus and there you go guys currently number 80 build is the letterone but this might be different if you are watching this video later on so goahead and download the latest one and believe me guys I have tried the otherones but they don't work that good they have some glitches and all that stuff sofor now just go with the ramus after the download is complete make sure toextract the files so here in my garage I have downloaded all these four files butyou know what's more important than this knowledge

let'sopen up the Rufus tool so here I have connected 64 gigabyte storage device solet's select this device by the way you can use 8 or 16 gigabytes of storagedevice with no problem then select here your downloaded Linux Mint cinnamon64-bit image then click on open now keep rest of the options as it is on defaultand click on start click on yours as per the recommendation keep it in ISO imagemode click OK again ok guys so now it will create Linux min bootable devicethis process may take a while so please be patient here ok guys so now theprocess is complete so I'm going to close this now we need to extract thebranch release so right click on it and click extract okay guys our extractionis complete so let's get into the folder and select the files click on cut thesefiles we need to move this file to our bootable devices so I'm going to choosemy 64 gigabyte

Linux Mint device now we need to make a new folder into thisdevice let's name this folder as Chrome OS and paste these files into our newlycreated Chrome OS folder so looks like our copy is completeokay guys so we have already downloaded ramus recovery file now we need toextract the file and copy this file into our Chrome OS folder you have to makesure that your recovery name should be renamed as ramus underscore recoverydoor bin this is very important make sure to rename it so here we go I havelisted the recovery pile as well also we are going to need install dot SH file solet's select and copy this file into our Chrome OS folder okay guys so this isall the files we need remember these are six items and names should be correct asshown here okay guys so now we need to insert our bootable device and then weare going to turn on our laptop by pressing f2 or any bias hotkey that youhave we are going to enable the options into our motherboard so first we need tosee UEFI option so we need to enable the UEFI boot so into the boot list you haveto select UEFI make sure this option is enabled otherwise you can't proceed tothe next step ok guys so now we are going to exit the bias by saving thechanges then quickly we need to press f12 to get into the boot options soright here efi USB one path one generic storage device you have to press enterso right here I'm going to select start Linux Mint the first option we haveso our Linux Mint is booted up ok guys so first of all let's connect to theinternet so we can download some required files and packages so here I'mgoing to put my Wi-Fi password to connect to the network so here it is ourWi-Fi is connected right here in the filesystem search for folder name ChromeOS that

we have already created step is like share and subscribe to mychannel okay guys so let's double click on to our Chrome OS folder here are allthe files we have copied now right click here and click on open in terminal nowthe terminal window will allow us to install our Chrome OS ok guys so thehardest part is done now we just need to put one command into the terminal andrest of the job will be done by the Linux so start typing sudo a set installdot SH and press Enter now the Chrome OS installation processwill begin and Linux will automatically install the Chrome OS onto your PC soafter some time it will ask for the confirmation to erase your connectedharddrive make sure you don't have an important data in that hard driveotherwise you may lose it so here you can see the dialog all data on deviceslash dev slash SDA will be erased here you have to type yes underneath thecommand so just type yes and press Enter that's it guys that's all you need to doif you got the confirmation Chrome OS installed.

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