Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

7 Best Color Laser Printer Specification

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

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7 Best color laser printers on the market, full specification

1.      Canon Color image CLASS MF733Cdw

2.      Brother HL-L8360CDW

3.      Canon Color imageCLASSMF644Cdw

4.      HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw

5.      Brother HL-L3210CW

6.      HP LaserJet Pro M254dw

7.      Samsung Xpress C430W

Best color laser printers specification

  • At number 1: Canon Color image CLASS MF733Cdw.
Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

      If you are looking for a laser printer which has all the features that the new age brings, then this all in one Canon color printer might be the thing you are searching for. It’s quite easy to connect it to any smart device, even via WiFi direct connection. The speed is all you will ever need, as it’s capable of printing up to 28 pages per minute. That’s almost 1 page each 2 sec.

     That makes it perfect even for business purposes that require high-volumes of printing. The first page prints within the first 9 seconds, while the memory capacity is up to 512 sheets and the paper output is 150 sheets. The paper capacity is highly expandable and can fit up to 850 sheets! On top of all, Canon gives a 3-year warranty, to make your experience flawless and without any unpleasantness.

Best color laser printers specification

  •  At number 2: Brother HL-L8360CDW.
Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

    If you are running a small business, this one might just be what you need. With a blazing speed of up to 33 PPM, it will meet your needs for sure. What you can expect with this one is a top-notch performance that comes at an affordable price. On average, toner cartridges will last up to 6500 pages. That’s huge! And think about the replacement as an extra cost that you will be facing. Therefore, we can say that this one is a budget-friendly solution. It offers flexible connectivity with Gigabit Ethernet or through wireless networking.

     In other words, you will be able to connect it to your PC, laptop or cell phone. It has a paper capacity of 250 sheets which can easily be expanded up to gigantic 1300 sheets. With this one, you will be able to choose between trays, as well.

Best color laser printers specification

  • At number 3: Canon Color imageCLASSMF644Cdw.

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer      Canon never seems to fail. This absolute tech beast company release done of the best color laser printers on the market. This device offers a unique, customized experience with 5 inches color touchscreen for easier navigation through the settings. You can now create direct hotspots and directly connect it to the mobile device. No external router needed.

     The speed is perfect for those who intend to use it in a small capacity. It can go up to 22 PPM, which is fair enough for home use. It has an all-in-one cartridge feature, which reduces overall supply costs. It’s a two-sided printer, or you can even go further with printing several pages on one paper sheet. Finally, one great safety feature is the existence of short-term memory storage.

      Namely, it protects yours, or anyone’s data, and makes sure that confidential information gets deleted quickly afterward.

Best color laser printers specification

  • At number 4: HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw.

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

      Looking for a compact, small, yet powerful color laser printer for home use? We’ve found one for you! HP Laser Jet. Should we say more? They released a series of great printers, and this one is not an exception. It offers a friendly 2.7-inch colored touchscreen for simpler navigation through preferred options and a WiFi connection establishment so that you can do the work even from your mobile device.

      The printing speed of 22 PPM, you will have everything you need for the home use. The first page gets printed in 10.3 sec when the print is black, and 11.7 sec when colored. The capacity of the input tray paper is 250 sheets, which is a lot. You can now print from Dropbox, Google drive or i Cloud directly! You can print the fax, scan docs, print from USB drive, and much more! You will get a one-year warranty, and more importantly, a customer service that’s 24/7 active and free for all of your queries.

Best color laser printers specification

  • At number 5: Brother HL-L3210CW.

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

     If you are just looking for a budget-friendly solution, and you need it mostly for home use – this one might suit your needs. Besides, it may be a good printer for college. Although the speed is not great (19 PPM) as in some professional, business printers, it’s still more than enough for home use. Apart from the speed, this one has everything you can find in a professional laser printer. It provides rich, vivid colors, and professional quality of images.

     The refills are minimized with the 250-sheet paper tray. It does not just offer a USB connection, but it’s mobile friendly as it has a built-in wireless, WiFi Direct, and USB interfaces. Simply put, a valuable solution for a home user!

Best color laser printers specification

  • At number 6: HP LaserJet Pro M254dw.

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

      This compact color printer will fit anywhere. It’s perfect for those who lack space in their offices or homes. One of the fastest in its class with the speed of up to 22 PPM, ensures that the first colored page is ready in just 12 sec approximately. It’s a double-sided printer, mobile friendly, and with the feature of wireless printing.

     Paper tray capacity is huge and can store up to 250 sheets. You can connect it to your Android or iOS thanks to its wireless connectivity. The connection is stable which is ensured by dual-band WiFi. Also, it offers Ethernet in case you need wired networking. The output capacity is 100 sheets, which is quite enough for home use.

     The manual recommends up to 10 users, which explains its capability to work at high-volume. With it, you can finally print things directly from the clouds such as i Cloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Small and compact, with the power of 10 average printers! And for our final pick.

Best color laser printers  specification

  • At number 7: Samsung Xpress C430W.

Top 7 Best Color Laser Printer

      If you are looking for a nice, small home printer, Samsung has to offer this Xpress model of great performance. It offers both, WiFi and NFC connectivity, amazing printing speed and built-in Ethernet. It even offers a free Samsung mobile app that will help you print directly from the Google Cloud.

       The speed it offers isn’t really recommended for business purposes, but it’s perfect for home use. It goes up to 19 PPM when it comes to black print and up to 4 pages of colored print. The recommended volume of monthly printing is between 100 and 500 pages. What you get is a guarantee of professional-looking images, with vivid colors and undeniable clarity.

      It supports a wide range of paper sizes – from 14’’x 8.5’’ to 3’’ x 6’’. It works with original Samsung cartridges. Finally, there is a one-year limited hardware warranty to ensure that your experience is uninterrupted even if something unexpected occurs. The support team is there for you 24/7, which is pretty awesome for those troubling with modern technology.

So that sums up our top color laser printers of 2020.

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