Best Waterproof Rain Jacket in 2020

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

Are you looking for the best rain jacket?

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At number 1: Marmot Minimalist.

Best Rain Jackets Features and Price,

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

·       For a versatile rain jacket that can be worn just about anywhere, our top pick for 2020 is the Marmot Minimalist.

·       The difference in quality when compared with entry-level rain jackets immediately is apparent.

·       The lining of the shell is less plasticky and doesn’t feel as clammy if you start to get warm while walking or hiking.

·       The hood is nice and thick and comes with a substantial bill that can withstand heavy rain and wind.

·       And just about all of the features have a premium and trustworthy feel, from the burly and confidence-inspiring zippers to the thick cinch cord and easy-to-use toggles at the hem and hood.

·       It’s worth noting that Gore-Tex’s Paclite waterproof laminate, a proven winner for jackets in this category, has been updated to include a 100-percent-recycled face fabric. It’s true that the Minimalist isn’t perfect as an all-around piece.

·       The thicker fabrics and lack of a stuff pocket make it less desirable to bring when a rainstorm isn’t a guarantee, such as on a summer backpacking trip.

·       And we would prefer a water-resistant main zipper at this price, like what’s included with the Outdoor Research Foray, but these are pretty minor complaints. What you get with the Minimalist is a tough, outdoor-ready jacket that wears well every day of the week.

 At number 2: REI Co-op Dry point GTX.

Best Rain Jackets Features and Price

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

·       REI’s in-house line of rain shells continues to impress us when it comes to bang for your buck, and the Dry point GTX is no exception.

·       All in all, the shell has a premium look and feel, a supple interior that doesn’t get clammy, and ample features including core zips integrated into the mesh-lined hand pockets and easy-to-use hood and cuff adjustments (it forgoes pit zips, however, which are more adept at dumping heat quickly).

·       At 10.5 ounces and around $250, we like the Dry point more than the Arc’t eryx Zeta SL. Both are hybrid hiking/everyday rain jackets that perform well and look the part, but the Zeta is more expensive and lacks a venting system.

·       The Outdoor Research Interstellar is another viable competitor that comes in at a similar weight (11.8 ounces to be exact), but being a lightweight and stretchy hard shell, it’s a little more mountain-ready than the REI. But any way you slice it, the Dry point GTX is a serious rain jacket at a reasonable price and weight.

At number 3: Marmot Pre Cip Eco.

Best Rain Jackets Features and Price

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

·       In the world of rain jackets, Marmot just seems to get it, delivering good fit and performance at reasonable price points.

·       The Pre Cip is their leading entry-level offering that’s reached iconic status among hikers, backpackers, and everyday wearers.

·       For years, the formula has stayed largely the same: proven 2.5-layer waterproof construction, seam taping, sturdy materials, and reasonable weight. You get useful backcountry features like pit zips and a stuff pocket, and its adjustable hood provides solid coverage in a rain storm.

·       But what sets the Marmot apart is it delivers this combination of build quality and protection at a budget-friendly $100 price. There’s a reason we recommend the Pre Cipto friends and family more than any other rain shell.

·       Marmot gave the Pre Cip a light revamp recently. What changed? Most notably, it now has “Eco” in its name thanks a new recycled face fabric. There’s also an updated fit, although the jacket still has a regular cut that’s roomy enough for wearing a lightweight puffy underneath.

·       All told, those wanting a high-end performance piece should look elsewhere, but the Pre Cip remains in a class of its own in terms of crossover hiking and around-town use.

At number 4: North Face Apex Flex3.0.

Best Rain Jackets Features and Price

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

·       Many rain jackets are lightweight and minimalist in nature with backcountry use in mind. At 25.6 ounces,

·       The North Face Apex Flex 3.0 is by far the heaviest jacket on this list but a solid option for everyday use and hiking when weight isn’t a concern.

·       Most importantly, the jacket has a thick softshell-like feel but with 3-layer Gore-Tex protection, meaning that it blocks wind, will keep you dry, and even adds a little warmth.

·       The knit interior is super soft to the touch, making the jacket comfortable over a t-shirt, but the exterior is all business. In terms of features, the Apex Flex 3.0 is fully loaded.

·       You get three pockets, a large hood that cinches securely in back, pit zips for ventilation, and Velcro cuffs.

·       This jacket is many times heavier than some of the ultralight options on this list and doesn’t pack down nearly as small, but it’s a great option for urban use and leisurely outdoor trips.

And at number 5: Outdoor Research Helium II.

Best Rain Jackets Features and Price

Best Waterproof Rain Jacket for men and women in 2020

·       The seasoned veteran of the ultralight category, the Outdoor Research Helium II is a super light and packable minimalist shell.

·       Weighing just 6.4 ounces and with surprisingly good rain and wind protection from its Pertex waterproof build, the Helium is a long-time favorite for lightweight hiking and backpacking, climbing, and mountain biking.

·       Feature-wise, it’s pretty minimal. You get one Napoleon chest pocket (no hand pockets), a simple water-resistant main zip, and a single-pull hood adjustment. We think the jacket is basic to a fault forurban /everyday use, but its real performance chops come out in the back country.

·       The Helium II stuffs easily into its small interior pocket and is compact enough that you really have no excuse for leaving it behind. Having been around for a number of years, the OR Helium II does show its age a bit when compared with a newer option like Arc'teryx's Zeta FL.

·       Although waterproof, Outdoor Research’s 2.5-layer design is not very breathable and you don’t get pit zips or pocket venting options.

·       The jacket excels for emergency use in a surprise squall, but it’s prone to feeling clammy while on the go for extended periods. If price is no object, we’d lean toward the more breathable and durable $349 Zeta, but considering the significant cost savings, the Helium II gets the nod as our favorite ultralight option.

For spring 2020, be on the lookout for an updated Helium that includes a trimmer fit and more advanced Pertex Diamond Fuse shell. So that sums up the top rain jackets.

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