Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be the captain of a luxury cruise ship?

Well, even if you haven't, that's still a good analogy of what it's like to rent a luxury caravan because what luxury cruises are to ocean travelers is exactly what luxury caravanning is for land-lubbers. Renting luxury caravans (AKA: luxury RVs or luxury motorhomes in the US) is much, much more than a magic-carpet ride.

Sure, with the air-cushion suspension these big beauties have, the ride is velvet smooth. But on a magic carpet it's just you and the carpet. In luxury caravans you're literally taking the best that your home has to offer 'on the road' with you.

Of course it's not actually your home you're riding in but you will find that these 33+ feet motor palaces have just about everything you'd like to have in your home (except maybe that picture of your wife's aunt Minnie!).

What makes these luxury motor vehicles so exceptional is that every little (and big) thing is planned to be space-efficient and top quality. Nothing is left to chance in their design because typically they are an integral part of the ultimate vacation and/or business trip of people who can afford to have everything right.
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

If you like to do your own cooking you'll have everything you need. No 'roughing it' here... you've got a real fridge, ice-maker (to keep the champagne cool), 4 burner stove, double sink for easy dish-washing, water filter, large counters to prepare food on plus most companies in this luxury range will insure you're thoroughly stocked with towels, cloths, a vacuum, rubber gloves and everything you need to maintain your unit while on the road.

And remember that the people who rent these things aren't only about having fun either. They also like to do business so what could be better than taking your business-center, luxury office and 5-star hotel with you wherever you go... or imagine you and your sales manager taking a cross-country golf course tour with some of your biggest client prospects.
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

You've got a music system with sound piped throughout the vehicle (crank up the Frank Sinatra or Bob Marley, eh?), you've got satellite internet connection, and TV and phone capability. Imagine talking to a business client via Skype connection as you cruise along the highway and describe how beautiful the sunrise is 'in this part of the country'.

That's right, luxury Caravans are uniquely adaptable to business trips where you're touring widely dispersed facilities of various sorts... i.e. retail locations, real-estate, factory locations, coastal facilities (can anybody say "yacht clubs"??!!) The possibilities are endless but just remember that you can even hire these luxury motor behemoths with drivers, chefs and even a concierge if you've got the wallet for it.
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

On the other hand, if it's just you and your wife or your significant other and you want to be Captain Kirk and pilot it yourself, you certainly can... you're still enjoying life like few people ever do. When you go luxury motor caravanning, you're enjoying the best of both worlds... i.e. nature, the countryside, and the open road at its most picturesque but you can still have your chilled champagne readily at hand.

This kind of luxury could not be described as cheap. If you have to ask what it cost then you probably can't afford it but just check the internet and you'll be amazed at how many people do seem to be renting these kinds of vehicles.
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

When you look at the prices you might legitimately question whether the world economy is as bad as some people say it is. $275 (AUS) and up per day is nothing to sneeze at, right? That's just the bottom level of the scale but obviously somebody still has some money because these units are still being rented. Have no fear though because if you opt for a whole month you can save a lot of money and pay as little as $6000 (AUS) and up.

In your trip planning, don't forget that there are other charges too. In almost all cases you'll pay such things as:

• Reservation fee

• Security deposit

• Insurance fees

• Mileage charges (beyond what's included already)

• Generator fees (i.e. the generator you use while camping or stationary)

• Cleaning charges (remember... somebody else is using it after you finish)

• Waste water dump charge (if you've not already done so)

• Propane tank refill charges (if you've not already done so)

• Delivery fee (if you don't pick it up yourself)

• Pick-up fee (if you don't take it back to the dealer yourself)

• One-way rental free (a lot of people do this... take a trip to Point B and then leave it)
Luxury Caravan Rental -The New 5 Star Living

Fees will also differ depending on the season of the year too. Typically the larger luxury motor caravan units hold enough water, propane, and fuel for 5-6 people for about 5 days. Fuel usage of course depends on how far you go but obviously you don't expect Volkswagen gas mileage from a 350+ HP diesel engine. But you can be assured of one thing... a trip experience that you'll never forget.

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